There is no better time than – now – to visit the nordic region, especially Finland. In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence, and according to Lonely Planet, Finland is the third best destination for travel. It is also the only European country that made it to the top-10 destinations for 2017.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Finland is also the most safest country on the planet.


Our itinerary and destinations are tailored to your needs thus making each travel a unique experience.

Our packages are planned in such a way that you get to experience the unique aspects of the location in addition to the scenery. They can include travels to the northern most point in Europe – Nordkapp in Norway to the Lofoten island. Driving through the Laerdal tunnel – the longest tunnel in the world (24 Km) – is yet another memorable experience. Visiting the villages of the native Sami people in Northern Finland and staying in a glass Igloo while watching the norther lights is worth it. While crossing the Oresund bridge from Copenhagen to Sweden one can appreciate the engineering excellence. Home-stays in places like Raudanjoki while enjoying the sauna and ice swimming in the midst of a cow farm is yet another mind blowing experience. Last but not the least, we can always set up camps and stay in summer cottages.

About us

We are a Finland based travel and tourism service provider and our vision is to provide exceptional experiences to customers. Our team consists of engineers with a passion for travel and adventure. The zeal and enthusiasm to explore new horizons brought us together in this venture and we aim to share our travel experiences and local knowledge with fellow travellers. We would like you to feel and remember those beautiful moments as a traveller and not as a tourist.

We conduct tours to provide exceptional experiences to our customers so you will go back with beautiful memories and moments rather than just clicking pictures around tourist attractions.


Mathew Mailaparampil

Mathew Mailaparampil

Strategy & Planning

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Mikko Ylinen

Mikko Ylinen

Operations & Partnering

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Melbin Thomas

Melbin Thomas

Sales & Marketing

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Catherine Mailaparampil

Catherine Mailaparampil

Finance & Accounting

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Mathew Mailaparampil has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland along with certifications in Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma. He also has a B.Tech degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the TKM College of Engineering, University of Kerala, India. After spending more than a decade working in the fields of Telecommunications, R&D and Project Management in companies like Nokia, Mathew became an entrepreneur and completed several technology projects. He also has experience in market research, travel and hospitality businesses.

Mathew’s experience with organising tours began in the late-90s when he was an engineering student in Kerala, India. He was the tour representative of his college and was responsible for arranging educational tours across India for groups of 100. His passion for exploration motivated him to move to Finland for higher studies in 2000. Since then he has visited several countries on personal tours and business trips. He considers a trip to Russia, as a student in 2002, as his most exciting trip to date. Mathew never misses on any opportunity to travel. Whenever possible he takes his family along and he considers traveling with children particularly enjoyable. His favourite pastime is fishing and hiking through the Nordic woods.

Mikko Ylinen has a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Mikko is a native born Finn who enjoys photography and nature.

Mikko’s previous work at Nokia took him around the world, but Mikko is also an active traveller in his spare time. In Finland, his favourite destination is a remote island cabin, where he spends a majority of weekends during summertime enjoying the silence, pure air and water – not forgetting the legendary Finnish sauna.

On another note, Mikko is always ready for an adventure – sometimes a hike in a forest, a canoe ride on a river or maybe climbing on an ice fall, but sometimes petrol fuming activity like motor racing, snow mobile safari or a fast boat ride on one of the million lakes.

Mikko is also an experienced nature photographer who leads groups to discover the rough beauty in Nordic landscape, including guidance on camera gear and photo editing.

Melbin Thomas has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University Chennai, India. He has a decade of experience in partnering, CRM, strategy and business development across multiple industries ranging from automobile, insurance, engineering, digital services and hospitality.

Melbin’s affair with travel began while watching a TV documentary about Bavaria in 2007 and he looked forward to visiting Germany. He realised that dream in 2011 after arriving in Finland as a Master’s student. Spending about a month exploring Bavaria opened his mind and thoughts about being a regular traveller. He has since travelled to over 26 countries across two continents and it has been an amazing journey. He believes travelling is about experiencing the hobbies, culture and food of each place. Having managed and conducted over 10 tours of the Nordic region, Melbin is today an experienced tour leader who aims at providing exceptional value to customers. 

Melbin also believes that absorbing the true spirit of a country/place is by interacting with local people. He always tries to meet and be with local people wherever he travels. Thus, he has developed strong bonds with people of several nationalities. He also believes every person has a unique quality and it is great to meet new people and to listen their stories. It has opened his mind and changed his perception of the world. He enjoys mountains and considers it a pleasure to hike with a native person. He also enjoys travelling alone and the journey continues.

Catherine Mailaparampil has a MSTCF Master 1 degree in Accounting and Finance from the ESA University of Lille II, France. She also has more than a decade of work experience in the fields of quality analysis and software testing from companies such as Nokia and Accenture. She moved to Finland from France in 2001 as an exchange student at the University of Tampere.

Catherine has travelled to various countries across 3 continents for both business and leisure – though sometimes the distinction between the two is blurred. One of the most enjoyable days during her professional career has been the field testing of mobile phones and applications while driving through the wine yards of eastern France. Catherine has seen the diversity of culture, attitude, food and nature of several countries. Paris and Rome are her favourite destinations and she would like to explore more cities in the near future.


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