Our itinerary and destinations are tailored to your needs thus making each travel a unique experience.

Our packages are planned in such a way that you get to experience the unique aspects of the location in addition to the scenery. They can include travels to the northern most point in Europe – Nordkapp in Norway to the Lofoten island. Driving through the Laerdal tunnel – the longest tunnel in the world (24 Km) – is yet another memorable experience. Visiting the villages of the native Sami people in Northern Finland and staying in a glass Igloo while watching the norther lights is worth it. While crossing the Oresund bridge from Copenhagen to Sweden one can appreciate the engineering excellence. Home-stays in places like Raudanjoki while enjoying the sauna and ice swimming in the midst of a cow farm is yet another mind blowing experience. Last but not the least, we can always set up camps and stay in summer cottages.